Boerne Rentals is a commercial real estate and brokerage company that has been offering high quality office, warehouse, industrial and flex rental spaces in Boerne, Texas since 1998.

Mike Hayes, Owner and Texas Broker # 049138

Mike Hayes is the sole owner and broker of Boerne Rentals, with over 50 years of experience in real estate, including 22 years strictly in Boerne, Texas.

Mike ventured into real estate during his graduate studies in Denton, Texas in the 1970s, by investing in an apartment complex foreclosure during the Savings and Loan debacle.  Over the next decade he learned property management and real estate investment.

After moving to San Antonio, Texas in 1978, Mike invested in rental houses in Boerne, Texas. In 1998 he sold the Denton property and reinvested in Kendall County. Mike sold his rental houses in 2005-2006 before the housing market crash and pivoted to commercial property development. Since then, Mike has developed and managed commercial properties on Industrial Drive, Main Street, and by Johns Road and I10 in Boerne.

Mike has many hobbies, including being a pit master with a Texas smoker, operating drones and robotics, and is a licensed pilot. He is also a science fiction enthusiast and in recent years, an avid writer. He is married with three children and three grandchildren.